Famous Hamsiköy Rice Pudding! The Most Natural Form of Rice Pudding
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Famous Hamsiköy Rice Pudding

We offer different varieties of our famous Hamsiköy Rice Pudding with their indispensable tastes.

About Us

Our flavor journey, initiated as Metin Usta Hamsiköy Sütlacı in 2011 at the Hamsiköy premises of Trabzon/Maçka, began in a 50-square-meter workshop. In 2014, we transitioned to modern facilities and have since continued to provide uninterrupted service, thanks to the contributions of our valued customers. Originating in Trabzon, our culinary adventure now extends to our branches in Maçka and Meydan within the city. Moreover, our production facilities in Istanbul, spanning Erenköy, Beylikdüzü, Tuzla, Maltepe, Kavacık, and Ataşehir, enable us to serve our esteemed clientele. Our aim is to evoke the unique natural ambiance of Hamsiköy plateaus with each spoonful. Hence, we persist in our endeavors to enhance customer satisfaction.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Metin Usta Hamsiköy Rice Pudding

  • What makes Hamsiköy Rice Pudding different?

    Hamsiköy rice pudding is made from milk, sugar, a small amount of salt, and rice, it contains no other additives.

  • How long can we store Rice Pudding?

    You can store our Rice Pudding in a refrigerator at +4 degrees Celsius for up to 6 days.

  • Do you use a torch to burn the top?

    We absolutely do not use a torch; we bake the tops in the oven.

  • Is it oven Rice Pudding or Hamsiköy Rice Pudding?

    Of course, it is Hamsiköy Rice Pudding. Why? Because it is natural and contains no additives. Oven Sütlac contains additives such as starch, vanilla, and egg.

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Hamsiköy Sütlacı - Metin Usta
Hamsiköy Sütlacı - Metin Usta