Hamsiköy Rice Pudding

The Most Natural Form of Rice Pudding
The Sweet Secret of Hamsiköy: Metin Usta Rice Pudding

Hidden among the natural beauties and flavor treasures of Hamsiköy, Metin Usta Sütlacı reflects a flavor tradition that has been going on for centuries. Combining naturalness and mastery, this dessert offers a nostalgic taste journey with every spoon.

A Unique Experience: Metin Usta's Plain Rice Pudding

Metin Usta's plain rice pudding is not just a taste, it is a cultural heritage. Prepared with natural and healthy ingredients, this dessert invites you to the mystical atmosphere of the Black Sea with every bite. Moreover, it offers a unique taste that takes you back in time with each spoon.

With Fresh Traces of Nature: Metin Usta's Hamsiköy Rice Pudding

Metin Usta's Hamsiköy Rice Pudding is a reflection of the natural riches of the Black Sea. Prepared with natural ingredients, this dessert offers the unique taste of fresh milk and rice in every bite. This dessert, which is a healthy and delicious option, will delight those looking for traditional tastes.

Sweet Secrets of Anatolia: Metin Usta's Hamsiköy Rice Pudding

Metin Usta's Hamsiköy Rice Pudding is one of the most special examples of traditional flavors of Anatolia. This dessert, prepared with the same care for centuries, offers you the rich world of flavors of Anatolia in every bite. You too can have an unforgettable taste experience by learning the secret of this dessert.

Metin Usta's unique Hamsiköy Rice Pudding is made from a combination of natural and quality ingredients. The freshness and naturalness of the Black Sea can be felt in every bite.

Milk: Fresh cow's milk obtained from the fertile lands of Hamsiköy is the main ingredient of Rice Pudding. It has a delicate texture and rich flavor.

Rice: Rice, selected from the finest grains, gives Rice Pudding a rich consistency and texture.

Sugar: Used as a natural sweetener, sugar balances the mild sweetness of Rice Pudding and complements its flavor.

Metin Usta's Hamsiköy Rice Pudding offers a special taste that brings together natural and quality ingredients such as fresh milk with a 3.5% fat content and rice. Daily fresh production ensures the freshness and flavor of the product at all times. The product is prepared using traditional handcrafted methods, giving the dessert a unique character. The use of ingredients from the Hamsiköy region adds a distinctive taste and aroma to the dessert. The products are baked in natural ovens using traditional methods, providing a unique taste and texture to the dessert. Metin Usta's Hamsiköy Rice Pudding offers customers the purity of nature and traditional flavor in its purest form.


Hamsiköy Rice Pudding can be served both hot and cold. It is preferred as a refreshing dessert especially in the summer when served cold, and it provides a warming taste on winter days when served hot.
It is recommended to consume Hamsiköy Rice Pudding at its freshest for the best taste, so if possible, purchase it fresh and consume it immediately. If you plan to store it, it is advised to keep it in a closed container in the refrigerator.

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Hamsiköy Sütlacı - Metin Usta
Hamsiköy Sütlacı - Metin Usta